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Vibrating magnet

Are you looking for a specialised webshop where you can buy a vibrating magnet? Then take a look in the webshop of vibratorytechnologyshop.com. We sell everything in the field of vibration technology; you can order all our products online. And that's very easy, of course. All our products come from high quality brands. Do you buy your equipment in the field of vibration technology from us? Then you are assured of quality.

Buy a vibrating magnet or multiple magnets: choice of different types

Do you decide to buy one or more magnets at vibratorytechnologyshop.com? Then you can choose from a very wide range. Among other things, we sell vibrators of the brand Tuxel. You can find the following models in our webshop:


These vibrating magnets bring your vibrating gutter into vibration and transport your material by means of small jumps to the front. The production flow can be infinitely adjusted. Moreover, the Tuxel vibrating magnets have a high transport capacity with small dimensions. They also require little maintenance, produce no noise and have a long lifespan because these vibrating magnets hardly wear out.

Want to buy a vibrating magnet? Don't forget your thyristor control

Do you decide to buy a vibrating magnet at vibratorytechnologyshop.com? Then don't forget to order a thyristor regulation if you don't have one yet. This is because you need it to control your vibrating magnet. You can also buy thyristor controls via our webshop.

Feel free to ask for advice

Didn't find the product you need in our webshop? Probably we can deliver it to you anyway. Feel free to call +31(0)162 432012 to find out what we can do for you. Are you in doubt which vibrating magnet is most suitable for your application? Then you can also call the number above. We will be happy to advise you about our products and make sure that you do not regret your purchase.


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