Frequency controller S2U230S-07 F IP66

€ 470,00 (without VAT 21%)
Delivery 2 working days
Product code S2u230S-07 IP66
Gross weight 6,00 Kg

Frequency controller S2U230S-07 F IP66 0,75 kW.

Brand : Bonfiglioli-Vectron

Type : S2U-230S-07 F IP66


This controller is IP66. (dustproof and waterproof)
So you no longer need to install this controller in a control cabinet.
The housing is equipped with a main switch and a rotary knob to set the desired frequency.
You can simply connect a power line (cord with plug) and directly connect the motor to the controller.


Supply voltage

1- Phase
200 - 240 Volt
50 / 60 Hz.

Max. Engine power 0,75 kW.
Nominal output current 4,3 A.
Maximum output current 6,6 A.
Output voltage 0 - Uin (3-Phases)
Protection class IP66


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