€ 575,00 (without VAT 21%)
Delivery 3 to 4 working days
Net weight 27,50 Kg
Gross weight 29,00 Kg
Brand ItalVibras
Type MVSI-15/700-S02
Working moment 57,2 KgCm
Centrifugal force 7,05 KN
RPM 1500 t.p.m.
Frequency 50 Hz.
Input power 525 W.
Power supply 230/400 Volt
Power 1,59/0,92 A.
Power Factor (cos Phi) 0,87
IP 66
Weight 23,5 Kg.


Vibrator from the brand ItalVibras.

TYPE: MVSI-15/700-S02
4 Pole - 1500 rpm

For vibrating your vibrating chute, vibrating sieve or vibrating table.


The technical data of this motor can be found under the block "Specifications".

For the complete datasheet of the engine: CLICK HERE

For help in choosing the right external vibrator for you, click here

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