R3FC-kk - Thyristor regulator in plastic cabinet

€ 150,00 (without VAT 21%)
Net weight 2,50 Kg
Gross weight 3,50 Kg

Thyristor regulator R3FC-KK                                


Type    : R3FC-KK

Supply voltage               : 230 Volt ; 50/60 Hz.
Maximum current           : 3 Ampere
Adjustable by means of  : Adjustable resistance (potmeter)

Thyristor control with a maximum output current of 3 Amps, built into a plastic cabinet (IP65) with main switch and rotary knob for adjustment of the conveying speed.

Thyristor controls are used to control the power of an electromagnetic drive. By means of a thyristor control the transport speed of an electromagnetic vibrating trough or sieve can be infinitely controlled.

Adjustment of the desired value is done by means of a potentiometer.
(an adjustable resistance with a rotary knob)

This controller is the simplest version.
The possibilities are:
* Creating the correct voltage form for an Electromagnetic drive
* Switching the drive on/off
* Adjusting the transport speed by means of a rotary knob


Furthermore, the regulator is equipped with:
- Minimum and maximum desired value adjustment
- Slow/fast startup adjustable
- 3000/6000 vibrations per minute
- Potential-free start/stop contact

Supplied in plastic box (IP65) with main switch and rotary knob for setting the transport speed

Equipped with connection cable with plug (with protective earth)








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