Vibrating table 400x400 mm.

€ 930,00 (without VAT 21%)
Delivery 1 week
Product code PTL-40/40-25
Gross weight 60,00 Kg


Type                        : PTL-40/40-25
Blade dimensions :  400x400 mm.

Vibrating table suitable for compacting, mixing and testing products up to approximately 100 kG.
The PTL-40/40-25 has a blade size of 400 x 400 mm. The drive consists of two unbalance motors (2-pole). Depending on the direction of rotation of these motors, the stroke of the vibrating table can be set to either elliptical or linear vibration.

Trilling in triltafel

For vibrating, compacting or unloading your product.

For the product data sheet: CLICK HERE

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