Buy vibratory motors

Are you looking to buy vibratory motors? At we have the opportunity to buy vibratory motors (also known as vibrator unbalanced motors) of various brands like ItalVibras, OLI Vibra and Elsto. It can be hard to select which technology you need, but this is where our experts come into the picture.

Buy high-quality vibratory motors for your project

Vibrating motors are used to vibrate your vibrating table, vibration feeder or vibration screen, but also to vibrate the products in your bunker or discharge tube. You can buy a wide range of vibratory motors from ItalVibras and other brands in our web shop. offers a complete package of vibratory technology. Determining what engine to buy from our wide range of vibratory motors, such as ItalVibras, OLI or Elsto, depends on several variables. There are two methods to determine what the right engine is to reach your goal:

  • Method 1: a complete calculation based on the data you have.
  • Method 2: a simplified version of the calculation to determine what motor matches your needs by reading data in a table.

Both methods are described in this decision aid document.


Request advice on the best vibratory motors

It can be hard to select which of our vibratory motors you should buy, as you can choose from a wide range of brands, such as ItalVibras, and types, such as 2-pole motors or 4-pole motors. Our company always available to provide advice on your selection and to answer any question you might have. You can reach us by calling 0031 (0)162-432012 or by sending an email to Also feel free to contact us when you are looking to buy a specific type of vibratory motor, we are probably able to help you!

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KBM20-2 KBM20-2 (KBM00AA0020) Vibrator of the brand Koolen Industry…
€ 790,00
KBM4-4 KBM4-4 (KBM00AB0004) Vibrator of the brand Koolen Industry…
€ 286,00
KBM6-4 KBM6-4 (KBM00AB0006) Vibrator of the brand Koolen Industry…
€ 322,00
KBM16-4 KBM16-4 (KBM00AB0016) Vibrator of the brand Koolen Industry…
€ 405,00
KBM30-4 KBM 30-4 (KBM00AB0030) Vibrator of the brand Koolen Industry…
€ 550,00
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